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Have you ever wondered about the legal fiction of corporate personhood? You are hardly alone. There's a movement rapidly gaining steam to amend the Constitution to do away with this tremendous power now given to corporate entities at the expense of actual  human persons. Today's guest is David Cobb, spokesperson for MoveToAmend.org, which is pushing a constitutional emandment to restore government to its intended beneficiaries: we, the people.

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It's known as a school for assassins and military coups. Though it was supposed to be shut down years ago, instead they just changed the name to Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. The Defense Dept argues it's just a few bad apples but School of The Americas Watch differs, and they are keeping up the pressure to close the school, hated throughout Central and South America, except for the wealthy elite of those countries. Today's guest is Becca Polk, youth organizer for SOAW. Listen in and learn more about our tax dollars at work and how little it's changed under Obama.

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Many Americans see our freedom to choose as consumers as what independence is all about. But recovering corporate CEO and Huffington Post columnist Richarde Eskow on this show shines a light on how far we've veered from what the founders envisioned as the meaning of Independence.

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