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The Burt Cohen Show - 03/27/12

We've seen it before in American history: farmers, workers, and young people taking to the streets, uniting against powerful forces of greed. In this case, it's Food Democracy Now and others taking it straight to Monsanto, maker of harm-causing genetically modified organisms. They've seen to it that we don't know when we're eating such foods and that farmers who object to Monsanto's power being subjected to legal harassment and intimidation. But today's guest David Murphy, founder of Food Democracy Now, says the fight for safe foods and farmers' rights has just begun. And we can all help.

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The Burt Cohen Show - 03/20/12

Journalist Ethan Casey has lived in and written books about Pakistan, a much misunderstood country. In this interview, he talks about what's real and what is not in nuclear-armed Pakistan. Is the government a reliable US ally? What's likely ahead for this very volatile region? And what can citizens do to foster sustainable peace and mutual respect?

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The Burt Cohen Show - 03/13/12

For many years, the choice community has had difficulty reaching and convincing younger women that reproductive rights really can be taken away. On this show, Salon columnist Irin Carmon argues that the sudden rise of the startlingly extreme Rick Santorum may be the biggest and best thing to happen to the pro-choice movement in decades. He and the Republican Party are now against contraception and as a whole have embraced incredbily harsh on simple women's health issues.  Perception and discussion of the issue is being radically transformed. A sleeping giant may be awakening.

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60 Years Too Late: The Truth About The Rosenbergs -- On February 25 1952 a federal appeals court turned down Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s appeal of their conviction for conspiracy to commit espionage. The parents of two young boys were then killed in the electric chair. Now powerful new information has come to light - 60 years too late - discrediting the evidence on which this decision was based. In this interview one of those two young sons, Robert Meeropol (just six when his parents were killed) talks about the truth of who actually spied for the Soviets and the continuing dangers of such politically driven prosecutions.

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