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The Burt Cohen Show - 4/23/12

One the first half hour, Professor Noam Chomsky discusses his area of expertise,  the situation in the Middle East. As you might expect, he's not real optimisitic for avoiding war against Iran. And on the second half hour, 1972 presidential nominee Senator George McGovern talks about where the Democratic Party is and what is still possible.

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The Burt Cohen Show - 4/17/12

Who Owns The Future of Water?

On one hand, it's an increasingly valuable commodity. On the other hand, it's necessary for all life. We're talking about water. While some countries are selling their water assets to private interests, there are also cities taking over private water companies; municipalization. Which works better? Is genuine water democracy possible? Who owns the future of water? Burt's guest is Daniel Moss, coordinator of Our Water Commons. Moss says the answer is up to all of us.

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The Burt Cohen Show - 04/10/12

In exchange for giving up their rights to water in 1969, the Navajo and Hopi were promised they'd be returned to them in fifty years. As we approach that deadline, Arizona Senators Kyl and McCain are rushing a bill through the senate to keep control in the hands of the coal and electric companies instead of the Native Americans. Recently about 300 protestors gathered to say to the senators: "NO DEAL" and "KILL THE BILL" S2109, which would allow for more water control for the benefit of coal and electric companies and urban growth.  Protesters chanted "Water Is Life", "Free Indian Water Ends Now", and "Let the Water Flow." Today's guest is Marshall Johnson, who has been at the forefront of the grassroots environmental movement on Navajo land.

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The Burt Cohen Show - 4/3/12

Americans cheered last spring as the people of Egypt overthrew the dictator Hosni Mubarak. Temporary military rule was accepted by all as a way to ensure stability until democratic elections could be held. However now the military is ruling with a heavy hand and the people are no better off, with democracy still in the distance. The Obama Administration accepts of this state of affairs, choosing stability over democracy. But according to today's guest Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink, the result is neither stability nor democracy. And long term American interests are being badly hurt in the process.  Benjamin also addresses how America's greatly increased use of drones is undermining our national interests.

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