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The Burt Cohen Show - 05/29/12

Fukushima: Is The Worst Yet To Come?

The world was riveted on March 11, 2011 by the tsunami and nuclear accident at Japan's Fukushima reactors. But since then we haven't heard much. Reporter Brad Jacobson did a lot of research and found the danger is anything but past.

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The Burt Cohen Show - 05/22/12

The French Election: What Does It Mean?

On May 6, the people of France made a big change: ousting President Nicolas Sarkozy and replacing him with socialist Francois Hollande. One clear statement was a rejection of austerity as imposed by what they called "Merkozy"--Angela Merkel of Germany together with Sarkozy. Should the financial world be concerned? Is this the beginning of the end for the euro? How will those of us in the United States be affected? In this discussion, Universite de Paris Professor Robert Coale, an American who has lived in France for 25 years, sheds a great deal of light on the new realities in France.

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The Burt Cohen Show - 05/15/12

99 to 1: What We Can Do About It

One of the worlds top writers, researchers, and speakers on the subject of the rise of wealth inequality, Chuck Collins talks about his new book. Burt and Chuck talk about how and when the rules changed to benefit the top few, and what precedence there is for the 99 percent rewriting the rules to create an economy to serve the 100 percent. It can be done!

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Vatican Aims to Muzzle American Nuns But They Don't Surrender.

In late April the Vatican issued a decree which clamps down hard on the nuns of America for being "radical feminists." I'm not kidding. Mary Johnson, who was a nun for 20 years and a friend of Mother Theresa, is guest on this exceptionally informative show. Will the Catholic Church survive? Will 80 year old religious women suddenly be kicked out of their convents so the church can pay off its pedophile priest lawsuits? This, as the vice president might say, is a really big deal.

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Under Vermont law  the nuclear plant at Vernon was to close March 21 2012. And even though the owners had agreed to abide by that law, the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission trumped that law, and today the plant still runs. The debate over states' rights is not new, but the issue of whether or not those most affected by decisions get to participate in the decision making process is new when it comes to nuclear power. On this show, In These Times columnist John Raymond sheds much light into this murky matter which contains major ramifications for the future of the republic itself.

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