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The Burt Cohen Show - 06/26/12

Is a Catholic Spring In The Air?

When has an obsession with secrecy ever helped those clinging to power and authority? The hierarchy of the Catholic Church has long come under fire for covering up child abuse and protecting the abusers. Now add to that the revelations from VatiLeaks about abuse of church funds and the Vatican's assault on American nuns. But out of the difficulties, Voice of the Faithful, dedicated to reform, is finding new strength in the US and in Ireland. On this show, VOTF spokesperson Ed Wilson talks about a sense of optimism that is spreading throughout the church that real change is beginning and can not be stopped.

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The Burt Cohen Show - 06/19/12

World Focuses on Greek Election

It could not be more significant. On Sunday June 17th, with a second election in as many months. the people of Greece will have a major say regarding the future of their economy as well as that of all Europe, and that of the US for that matter. The up and coming new party in Greece is the left's Syriza, led by 34 year old Alexis Tsipras. For an explanation of what it all means, The Burt Cohen Show speaks with author and sociology professor Costas Panayotakis in Athens.

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The Burt Cohen Show - 06/12/12

Oil Wars Bubbling Up? Remember the film "There Will Be Blood?" Throughout the 20th century and now well into the 21st, a lot of blood has been shed for the oil powers. Burt's guest is Professor Michael Klare, author fo the new book The Race for What's Left: The Global Scramble for the World's Last Resources. He sheds light on some relevant history and points out that there is a significant cluster of oil-related clashes now brewing all across the planet, only some of which you've heard of.

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Is Obama's Attack on Bain Good For America?

Americans love free enterprise and both Democrats and Republicans are generally loathe to criticise any entrepeneurs. But the president's re-election campaign has started off by attacking what Romney considers his strength; his years at Bain Capital. It is not without risk and yet Obama says this is what the campaign is going to be about. On this show, Adele Stan, Washington bureau chief for AlterNet, argues this new approach is not only good politics but it's good for America as well.

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