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Who would have ever thought it would take this long? The states of Washington and Colorado on November 6th voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana. How did it happen, how can the good sense spread? And on the second half hour, the state of our Constitutional rights under Obama is analyzed in a discussion with the ED of the Center for Conastitutional Rights. The left has been stunningly quiet as our liberties have been undermined. Time to pressure the re-elected president?

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Without a doubt, controversial right wing NH Speaker of the House Bill O'Brien was the Democrats best organizer Democrats could have asked for. Now with the rout behind us, can the sane segments of the Republican Party retake control? Today's guest is Fergus Cullen, who served as state Republican Party chair in 2007-08, talks about adjustments that he thinks can be made to make the party relevant in the twenty teens. Will the hard right allow it to happen? Time will tell.

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First we lost Gore Vidal, then on October 21, it was George McGovern. From the archives of 1981, Burt interviews Gore Vidal at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston during his tour for his book Creation. See if his descritions of ancient days remind you of anything today. And of course they talk politics, about the Reagan years then ahead. Then it's Burt's final interview with George McGovern, from April 2012, regarding his book What It Means to Be A Democrat. America was never to be blessed with a McGovern presidency, but his vision continues.

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