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The Burt Cohen Show - 03/28/13

Survey Says: The Rich Have Different Priorites, And Tend to Get Their Way

The wealthiest Americans in the country have disproportionate influence over our nation's leaders. Problem is, as F Scott Fitzgerald noted, the rich are different. Today’s guest, Professor Benjamin Page, is co-author of a new study of the attitudes of wealthy Americans. It found that wealthy Americans tend to have different political priorities than the rest of us and have a lot more influence over shaping governmental policies. Rich people care much more about the deficit than the rest of us, who care a lot more about jobs and the economy. Some attitudes are surprising. Give a listen.

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America's war on Iraq started ten years ago on March 19 Some four thousand Americans and well over a hundred thousand, possibly close to a million Iraqis died. On part one, journalist Greg Barrett talks about what he witnessed among Americans and Iraqis on the ground, and what he calls "subversive interfaith friendships." And on part two, Ed Wilson of Voice of the Faithful takes a look at the chances for positive change in the battered Catholic Church with the installation of the new pope, Francis I.

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We all have images of the Ku Klux Klan as rabid terrorists. But the frightening reality is they were just average white men of the South. In his new book, Klansville USA, author and sociologist David Cunningham delves into the American cultural and poilitical contexts which gave rise to the klan. How similar are today's right wing movements? And what is the role of a perception of threatened manhood? A word of warning: the Klan's rally song is played with its offensive words not bleeped out.

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A bill to help business create jobs, tax carbon, and save billions on disaster relief has been introduced by Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Here Darren Springer, Senator Sanders' chief counsel, describes what it is and how it would work, along with what obstacles stand in the way. And on the second half, Alli McCracken of CODE PINK talks about a recent action in Washington challenging the political power of AIPAC in the US. It's up to us on both these issues.

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