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A major new report on the use of torture was recently released. It is an unquestionably non-partisan report that raises deeply troubling questions about the status of America itself in the wake of the approval of the use of torture at the highest levels. Guest is the Constitution Project's senior researcher and writer Alka Pradhan. The most troubling aspect is the current lack of accountability. The report details what happened, how it happened, but does not answer the question of: what if we do as Obama suggested, don't look back just look forward. What does it mean for America if we do just put this matter behind us? That's the truly frightenting part. Of course we still can face history and face ourselves.

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Most Americans see money go from their pocket to...who knows where? Today's guest is the National Priorities Projects' Mattea Kramer, who leads their research program on the federal budget, spending and tax policy. From what she found, it turns out the priorities of the average taxpayer would serve the country a lot better, and more realistically than current taxing and spending priorites. Yes, we know better than the government! Now we need to keep up the pressure.

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There used to be momentum privatizing public utilities. But now it's swinging back to public ownership and control. On part one, Slate columnist Matt Yglesias looks at what it means for the common good.And on part two, Ian Millhiser, Senior Constitutional Policy Analyst for American Progress looks inside what's now before the Supreme Court: Prop 8 which ended marriage equality in California and the Defense of Marriage Act. Odd look, well, decent, for equality.

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