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Activist authors Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers say there is reason to be optimistic: "People from all over the world recognize that we must stand together in solidarity to challenge the tiny minority that dominates us.  The revolts in Turkey, Brazil, Europe, the Middle East and Asia – as well as in the United States – are all connected."A worldwide revolution is under way, they insist, defying usual left-right divisions, uniting people in their determination to take hold of their own future, and take the power back from the tiny minority which has been dictating the world's agenda for many decades. Listen in to this uplifting show!

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The Burt Cohen Show - 06/20/13

While You Weren't Watching, the Right Doubles Down on the War on Women

Republicans hate the accusation that they are waging a "War on Women." You'd think by now they'd see the damage it causes them and avoid the charge by not doing it and trying to show women the party is really on their side. But no. Instead they are stepping it up, in the apparent belief Americans are not paying attention. It is not a winning issue for them, so columnist Amanda Marcotte talks with Burt about why they are keeping it up. A very interesting and revealing discussion.

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The Burt Cohen Show - 06/13/13

How We Can Determine Our Own Better Economic Future: Public Banks

Who serves whom? Should the big Wall Street financial houses dictate our future? Right now it seems we, the people, are made to serve the big banks. But is that the only way? Marc Armstrong, executive director of the Public Banks Institute tals about a recently concluded conference on the issue, with some economic luminaries. OK, it's fairly dense stuff, but it affects the taxes we must pay and the long term sustainability of America's economy. And really, the stability of our very republic. North Dakota, of all places, shows it can be done.

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The Tea Party claims to carry the banner of the founders of the United States, but an examination of history demonstrates they are anything but patriotic. Award winning journalist Robert Parry (of Iran/Contra reporting fame) explains what's really behind the right's ideological hatred of government.

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