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On the first half, artist and author Rob Shetterly talks about what went into his portrait of truth-teller Edward Snowden, and what his book "Americans Who Tell The Truth" is all about.  On part two, it's a discussion with Bill Kauffman, the screenwriter of the new movie Copperhead. He talks about how it is unlike any other civil war movie to date. Did you even know there were Americans in the north who opposed Lincoln's war? It's an important story with great relevance for America today.

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Are the world's economic problems the result of an "excess of democracy?" Since the late 19th century, supra-national power elites have joined together to plan the world better than the unsophisticated masses ever could. Of course not everyone agrees with this set up. Today's guest is Andrew Gavin Marshall head of the geopoplitics division of the Hampton Institute and research director for Occupy.com's Global Power Project. It may not be government of, by, and for the people, but hey, it's so much easier to just let these guys do it.

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If it doesn't glorify and romanticize the War Against Secession (the "civil war"), it doesn't fit the official narrative. But the bloodletting at Gettysburg 150 years ago this July was anything but glorious. Arguing that national memory often requires a walling off of the horrors and instead only seeing the alleged nobility of sacrifice, author of America Aflame, David Goldfield, is today's guest. He sheds a great deal of light on the realities and not the myth of history. Sobering.

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