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For decades, there was a large and robust miuddle class in America. No really, there was. Most Americans could actually expect to be part of it, but no more. Now, for many, the American dream is to simply be out of debt. Author Edward McClelland wrote an article on Salon about the death of the miuddle class. Was it a fluke? Can it exist without government picking winners? What needs to be done to rebuild a middle class. Listen in!

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The week of September 17 was Constitution Week and how that cornerstrone of American government is taught is the subject of part one. Guest Bill Bigelow is with the Zinn Education Project and has taught for some thirty years. It matters to our future. And on part two, September 17 was the two year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. The street actions may have vanished but the impact continues. Journalist RJ Eskow presents the case for why Occupy remains a historic success.

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The use of chemical weapons is unquestionably a violation of many international laws. But our first guest Marjorie Cohn, law professor and expert on this field of law asserts that a military intervention by the United States in Syria would also violate international law. And on part two, we speak with award-winning GlobalPost reporter Tracey Shelton on the ground in Beirut Lebanon, where she sheds light on the views of average Syrians. 

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