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Political candidates used to send their checks back to NORML, the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws. Now lawmakers and wannabes are beating a path to the door of Executive Director Allen St.Pierre.  Suddenly, after decades of trying, even people like John McCain as well as President Obama are moving toward legalization of recreational use of marijuana. St. Pierre reveals that it's all really in the hands of women; they're the ones who finally got alcohol prohibition removed. And he takes a sharp look at Patrick Kennedy's latest grab for the spotlight, revealing the source of SAM's funding. As St.Pierre says, "marijuana is not going to legalize itself," there's much work to be done.

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The all-American dream of upward mobility is out of reach for more citizens, and the inequality gap in education is a big part of that. Educator Richard Murnane is co-author of Restoring Opportunity: The Crisis of Inequality and the Challenge for American Education. While there is, of course, no easy "silver bullet," Murnane explains in this discussion that a steady and patient focus on realistic means of addressing the problem can yield positive results, and renew the American dream.

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