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Burt Cohen interviews Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese about wealth and income.

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There are reasons why you probably never heard of  the TransPacific Partnership. It has been kept secret because the more Americans learn about it, the less we will like it. Some call the TPP the "Sneaky One Percenter Power Tool." Listen in and learn why, and what you can do. And on the second half, Rick Rosoff  Investigative Journalist for Global Research talks about the effects drones are having on America’s national security. Hint: it’s not good. 

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The conventional wisdom is that Hillary Clinton has the nomination. But can she win? How important is passion to the exceptional vast public momentum needed to achieve victory? Or is it best to stick rigidly to the safe middle? Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders can never be mistaken for a conventional middle of the roader and he has recently said he is "prepared to run for president" in 2016. But is he really just too far left to win? On this examination of the realities of what it takes to win the White House. columnist and political veteran Bill Fletcher Jr makes the case as to why a Bernie Sanders run has a more realistic chance than a run by Hillary.

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