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Freedom is very appealing. Especially in the case of over zealous and ill focused police work. On the first part of this show, Benjamin Domenech of The Federalist talks about the mood of the so-called millennials, people born from 1980 to 2000. They deeply value freedom and have huge numbers heading into the election. Will libertarian Republicans win them over? And did you know that arrests for small amounts of marijuana are three times that of arrests for actual violent crime? On the second half, Stephen Gutwillig of the Drug Policy Alliance sheds light on significant ballot initiatives relative to changing marijuana laws in a number of states and municipalities this November 4th.

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The State of Israel and it's defenders have been very adept at intimidating Jewish Americans from speaking out against their brutality in Gaza by labeling critics as "self hating Jews." On this show, "self respecting Jew" Eric Mann takes this charge head on. He is a veteran of the 60s civil rights movement and knows a lot about effective organizing to successfully achieve stated goals. Mann provides a valuable perspective and offers useful suggestions as to how to change US policy toward Israel despite the currently powerful pressure.

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Brushed aside for decades, a recent conference of scientists focused on the potential uses of LSD and other psychedelics. On this show, guest Randolph Hencken of Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies talks about Psychedelic Science for the 21st century. If carefully controlled, should LSD and other psychedelic drugs become available as a tool for addressing psychological problems? If it can be of significant benefit to humankind, why not prescribe?

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