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But will congress give it to them? FBI Director James Comey recently went to congress asking to change the law to enable them to get a back-door access to our cell phone and computer communications data. But according to guest Jake Laperruque, Fellow on Privacy, Surveillance, and Security at the Center for Democracy and Technology, it seems both left and right are suddenly wary of government snooping, thanks in large measure to the work of Edward Snowden. And firms like Apple and Google are motivated to keep the back door shut. Listen in, and see that our voices do matter to congress.

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Do you oppose the concentration and centralization of power and authority? Prefer natural, locally grown foods. Want top end American imperialism and militarism? Sounds like typical left stuff, right? Today there are petitions from more than 30 states calling for secession. Yes, secession. Today's guest is Michael Hill, hardly a typical lefty. Actually he's a very traditional conservative. He's co-founder and head of the League of the South, which holds all the above values, and is dedicated to a new paradigm which he and many others believe will serve us a lot better than the monolithic centralized power America has become. Check it out!

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As he embarked on a book tour in 2011, Henry Kissinger was met with protests. And you know the tour did not include  Spain or France, where there are warrants out for his arrest. Guests on this show are Joyce Horman, who blames the murder of her husband Charlie Horman on Kissinger (the subject  of the movie "Missing"), Debra Sweet, Director of World Can't Wait, and Tom Keough, who organized the protest against Kissinger when he appeared at New York's 92nd St Y. Listen and ask yourself why a Democratic candidate for president in 2016 might love him so much.

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