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Prisons are a very old concept and it's time to ask: Do they still work? Do they accomplish the goals for which they were created? What can we do with dangerous people if we do away with prisons, how can we protect society? Maya Schenwar is guest on this eye-opening discussion about her new book Locked Down, Locked Out. She says instead of healing, "Incarceration is tearing society apart." Dehumanizing inmates helps no one. So what can we do? Listen in and find out.

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Peter Van Buren spent 24 years at the State Department and a year in Iraq. He has great knowledge of the players in the region, and on this show we focus on what's possible in the new war against ISIS. There are not a lot of options at this point, and none of them good. But if you want to know about what's really going on, give a listen.

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Remember the boisterous chants of "We're Number 1!" and "USA! USA" when Osama binLaden was taken out? Exceptionalism is beyond mere national pride, it is an insistence that we are above the normal rules and that we are God's gift to the world. Of course if we know someone who feels this way about him or herself, we don't like that person. On this show, Professor David Bromwich of Yale discusses the nature and context of this belief in American Exceptionalism. Needless to say it does not serve us well at all, but if one criticises it, watch out. Give a listen, we can use this to make America better and more secure.

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