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It might be all over for democracy when it comes to citizens’ right to know what they’re about to eat. Chemical companies are spending many millions to pass a bill to ensure GMOs can not be labeled. Not sure it can be stopped in the House, but maybe the Senate. And on the second half we look at the significance of Obama’s Iran deal and how it could have more profound historic impact than Nixon’s opening to China.

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Standing up to economic bullies; that’s what the people of Greece voted to do. The creditor cartel, led by Germany, was determined to keep the screws tight, allowing for no restructuring of their unaffordable debt. But though the rejection of imposed-from-above austerity ventures into uncharted territory, the people, by a wide margin, voted to restore democracy in economic decision making. Just Foreign Policy’s Robert Naiman explains how this may relate to restoration of democracy in the US, and what this all may mean as an issue on the 2016 presidential election.

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There are big jets and big media, but there’s also a one person gyrocopter and local media. Former postal worker Doug Hughes on April 15 flew his ultralight on to Capitol grounds with the goal of drawing attention to the revolving door of money and politics. Did it work? He’s about to go on trial on felony charges, see what he’s got planned next! It just might work.

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